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ME June 6, 2009

The idea is simple.

The girl is lost.

She wants to be discovered.

She discovers herself through reflection on her life path.

She discovers others on the same road.

She helps others discover themselves.

She is helped by others to discover herself in the process.

The idea is simple.

The girl is LOST!!


22 Responses to “ME”

  1. sheen Says:

    i think some how sooner or later,most of us realize that we need to discover our self & so ONLY u r nt lost,its jst that u hav realized it & the best part is u & all others r making efforts towards it.
    remember problm is near solution once u realise wat the problm is !!!

    • zhahmed Says:

      Your comments is an explanation of the One liner on Discover yourself that I posted earlier….I just hope that the road to discovery leads to the right destination…. if there is one!

  2. Rehan Ahmed Says:

    You girl?

    • zhahmed Says:

      Does it matter? I am human Though

      • Rehan Ahmed Says:

        nah, just curious , and bit shocked too, thats why i asked… in-fact i didn’t get whats your name in your blog address, And in blog title… because i never heard this name HUMAZ, So thats why i asked …

      • Rehan Ahmed Says:

        Well i don’t have any doubt that you are not human, Because i never see or heard that animal do blogging too…

        • zhahmed Says:

          Err…There are aliens tooo….apart from Humans and well there are more………

          • Rehan Ahmed Says:

            Well i don’t like to watch star trek, or aliens VS predator type movies, So i don’t know much about them, but i’m very much familiar with animals via discovery channel, And also i know nothing about that there are more species or exit too… i always like to talk about matters those i know . So again i really never heard that animals also do blogging, so my first thought about you was that you are human “Though”. i Am happy that i was not wrong :-), Really i do, but i am really confused about your gender, anyways

  3. Rehan Ahmed Says:

    Well i am going to steal these word for my blogs, very interesting

    • zhahmed Says:

      You described yourself as a Marketing Guru on your blog. Now, you are Officially a Thief Too…Now, what more can one expect…Hahaha….

      • Rehan Ahmed Says:

        Marketing Guru ???? lol i am not, Well yeah i am thief , and very proud to be thief as i am. because i always like to steal beautiful words, thoughts, And blah blah things …

        • zhahmed Says:

          Well as they say: Don’t Steal, the government hates competition!!;p

          • Rehan Ahmed Says:

            Well who care about GOV And peoples… Every body just cares about his/her self… i also like to do the same in-fact i am also like every body Aww what they call ummm yeah, Human Bieng

  4. Rehan Ahmed Says:

    ohh and yeah try to search that girl in Google, i hope you’ll find her sooner or latter in some chat room 🙂 i hope it’ll help

    Regards And Pleasure


    “Rehan Ahmed”

    • Aftab Says:

      Actually discovery of ourself is the discovery of life

      ” Apnay Mann Main Doob Kar Pa Ja Suragh-E-Zindagi,
      Mera Nahin Banta Na Ban Apna Tu ban “

  5. hawa Says:


  6. moeen Says:

    Zilay Huma,

    mein bhee gum hon,
    tum bhee gum ho,

    dheekho tu kia ajeeb sama hai,

    hum dono k beech,

    gum ik jahan hai,

    iss jahan k faslaye sadyo pe Moheet,

    iss pe zindagi ki koe khabar nahi

    kahan jao ge,

    safar tu ik hai, maqsad bhee

    chalti raho, mein bhee chalta hon idhr se

    koe reh nikal he ai ge,

    kuch na howa tu blog tu hai, warna

    Manzil ik hoe tu mil he jain gai.

    “Zil e huma k lye” from M Moeen uddin

  7. Irfan Ahmed Says:

    I think we have to findout that girl

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