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Nigah – A Glance at the Sky[ Urdu Creative Reflective Poetry ] January 9, 2010

A Glance at the Sky Above

glance at nature

Nigah (Glance at Nature)

Nature is a great source of Inspiration and Reflection. I am not sure but people always tend to look up if they are seeking some answers. Either they are conditioned to do so or have an element in their sub conscious mind reminding them of a spiritual connection with something high above them, something very vast and unreachable or something mysterious that they cannot understand completely.

To this something, they usually associate the word Divine and sometimes when they are trying to reach out to this Divine source or imagine themselves having a point of contact or conversation with it, they tend to focus their eyes towards the skies above.

How mysterious is the fact that the true nature of the sky above is so hidden from us? The pitch black darkness that dwells on the colorful sky above is not visible by an observer from the Earth. How amazing it is that the color that is so predominantly visible to the naked eye is a source of Relaxation;  something that Nature embeds in itself as a characteristic. A characteristic of Relaxation, Soothing and Gentle Calmness, Refreshing Tranquility and Peace.

A Glance at the Sky Above does reveal this inherent characteristic of Nature. Just simply looking at it (i.e. at Nature) causes the exponential return of a system (like Human system) to equilibrium after a disturbance (stress, strain, depression etc). There is a whole Science of Mind, Science of Colors and other sciences that would explain of what exactly is going on beneath the surface but we shall not delve into them over here.

I cannot restrict myself from quoting a beautiful Verse from the Holy Quran here. This and many more verses ASK US and SIGNIFY the Importance of REFLECTION in our lives.

Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): “Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You! (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners). Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire. ( Surah Ale-Imran 3:190,191)

One tip to add here for Relieving Depression (a disturbed state of mind) is to Look for 2-5 minutes at an angle above the horizontal plane of sight. Meaning when you are sitting with you head straight and upright, your eyes are at a position that is referred to here as horizontal plane of sight. Look above (like 45 degrees above that level) for 2-5 minutes, 3 times a day or whenever you remember during the day. This exercise will help you in curbing your Depression without fighting to do so at a Conscious level.

A brief English Translation of the Expression (Poetry)

The first two lines of this small Urdu poem (nazm) might mean that looking at the sky , struggling for answers didn’t help. Another meaning might be that though Nature was busy doing its job like relaxing us, we were searching for something else and didn’t realize this fact altogether.

But when we understood the Great Artistry of the Divine Nature, we were in Awe. The answers were so over-whelming that they left us speechless yet peaceful. Such is the effect of True Divinity !!

Nigah [Glance]

You.n haiyrut say deyr tuk asmaa.n ko tukti rahe
Hasil is nazur ko kuch bhi na hua
Ik lumhay ko jo qudrut pur meinay nigah dali
Tumam sawal meray la jawab ho gayay

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یوں حیرت سے بڑی دیر تک آسمان کو تکتی رہی
حاصل اِس نظر کو کچھ بهي نہ ھوا
اک لمحے کو جو قدرت پر میں نے نگاہ ڈالی
تمام سوال میرے لاجواب  ھو گیۓ

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

The only aim of this blog is to invoke Reflection on the things around us through Creative and Introspective Expression in the form of Urdu and English poetry and prose. Believing on the lines where the Creator asks its beings to Reflect, meditate, think about Duniya O Mafeeha… ( دنیا و مافیہا the world around us and everything in it – seen,unseen,past, present… ) .To survey and explore new grounds and dimensions in the course of the Life path and to share and learn from others is a daunting challenge that should be taken will complete belief and faith.


5 Responses to “Nigah – A Glance at the Sky[ Urdu Creative Reflective Poetry ]”

  1. Behzad Says:

    Do u knw….

    faqat ik nigah se rukta hy qafila dil ka…

    same here. Nice imagination. nature is what we all are. Everything requires to submerge in its source. Means every particle wants to become infinite ……. This is secret of nature and that’s all.

    • zhahmed Says:

      Faqat ik nigah se rukta hai qafla dil ka
      Mukaam is nigah ka hai is Asmaa.n say Buland o Bala

      Every particle wants to become infinte..What does that mean?

  2. Atta Says:

    Ohhh…….. so beautiful picture. It just felt so nice when I had a first look at green valley and distant mountains in gray clouds. How so mesmerizing are they.

    Should we be mesmerized by ur genius? No! let me start my journey in your words.

    You put a picture that took me away from my world. absorbing, alluring and magnetic. Then you lead me to the title ‘ Have a Glance at the Sky’. Sky is so deep. I thought the secrets of life are hidden somewhere deep as well. Or hairat zada main bohat dair tak apni attractive duniya kay asmanoon ko takta raha.. umar guzar gayee kuch hasil nahi hoa…
    Then I had a glance at the mentioned ‘aayaat’ of Quran
    “Creation of heaven and earth (the highs and lows are from God, created by God)” “the alternation of night and day (darkest hours of life and shining sun of successes) they are indeed signs for men…

    You have a deep look on the sky or somewhere on the horizons of your life, a belief that someone is there who cares about you, who loves you and won’t leave you alone, will always relax you. Either It is divine who you believe dwells up above or it is another human being, someone hidden deep in the corners of your heart. The feel of not being alone, the feel that every night will be followed by a day and low means now you are embarking or a journey to the high, It always save you from depression.

    Then aik lamhay ko jo nigah dali .. tamaam swaal meray laajwaab ho gayay.
    Well! accidental or incidental You are a very good writer….

  3. sheen Says:

    Nice,bt its tooooo short on such a beautiful aspect of nature.

    atleast i cant expect so less 4om a person like u whose imagination is so vast &has the art of making a picture in the reader’s mind with the correct choice of words.

    the best part is the tip to relieve depression.

    • zhahmed Says:

      Now somebody’s getting Spoiled,,,,heheee
      Hmm….I have got so many tips…but I wanna put only the tried and tested ones. Try this one and lemme know if this works for you ;}

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