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Leaf 1 December 11, 2007

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After facing server blockages and laziness bangs, I finally managed to create a blog for myself. I so wanted to rush up with the creation but amazingly when I started to do it, it dawned upon me that I havent decided a name for it. Deciding names is not a big deal but for a person like me deciding about everything is a Big deal and the Deal is not FREE!! First I thought I would google it and I did that but with a poor search query I couldnt get much on that except the history of blogs and naming conventions which was so boring.

Being related to software development in recent years,I couldnot come up with a better and more suitable title than this. I wanted to write about my experiences on a daily basis to preserve them for posterity so what better name than a Class Library would there be.

Seeing it in terms of Object Oriented Prototype, I am a Class with certain attributes and behaviours. For now I want to remain as a public Sealed Class though. Some one who can be instantiated but not inherited. In a way, every one is like that. Uniquely different and so cannot be inherited.

So, my prototype could look something like this

using Human;
using GC.CollectHuman;

namespace Huma Riyaz
public sealed class Huma Riyaz : Human
Huma Riyaz()

Gender Female
Sender Planet Anonymous
Receiver Planet Earth
Favourite Stone Amethyst, all Gems that sparkle brilliantly (That’s why God made me a Gemini
Born with the Sun shining in Gemini
Moon in Capricorn //Perhaps that’s why I am surrounded with so many goats and Doe
Ascendant Scorpio //Perhaps that’s why I am surrounded with so many scropios

/* With the Sun in Gemini, the urge for self-expression is strong.
*These natives are often just as interested in collecting information
* as they are in sharing it. Curious to a fault, Geminis have a finger in every pie.
* Solar Geminis are flexible and changeable people. Their ability to adapt quickly to
* new situations generally gains them plenty of friends and social contacts.
* Usually quite clever and witty, Geminis enjoy intellectual conversations and
* they are easily bored if they are not getting enough mental stimulation.
* Often quite adept at fitting in with others, Geminis easily adopt the moods of those around them.
* They are friends to people from all walks of life, and are not easily intimidated.
* Their ability to detach themselves can make Geminis very objective and observant,
* but a little difficult to get close to. Although they often have many friends,
* intimacy doesn’t come as easily to Solar Geminis.
* It can be difficult to know what Gemini really feels at any given moment.
* They are often very impressionable and scattered.
* There is usually a nervous air to Geminis that can make more personal characters a little uneasy.
* It is not always intuitive to trust Geminis to be loyal or to keep secrets.
* Geminis often flit about, moving quickly and keeping busy every step of the way.
* Many people with this position of the Sun have gained quite a bit of knowledge in their
* lifetimes, but they don’t often possess specialized knowledge.
* This is because Geminis have relatively short attention spans.
* Restlessness is especially common with this position of the Sun.
* Usually quite affable, Geminis enjoy the “light” side of life.
* This tendency to take things lightly makes them quite pleasing to be around;
* but it can be maddening to people seeking support on the deeper issues in life.
* Geminis are both interesting and interested.
* Their wit can be dazzling and their changeability dizzying.
* At the very least, Geminis will seldom bore you.
* Short description:
* Opportunist , Good Self expression Ability, Quick Learner.Welcoming and Gentle.
* Likes travel and intellectual work.
* Weaknesses:
* Changeable and Diffuse Nature. Energy wastage by doing too many things.
* Lack of persistence in achieving set goals.
* */

/* I didn’t write the destructor because the Garbage Collector will take care of that. */

private deeds Existence(Mind myMind,Body myBody,Soul mySoul)
PhysicalEffort pEffort = null;
MentalEffort mEffort = null;
TimeWasted tSpan = 0;
GoodDeeds goodDeeds = 0;
BadDeeds badDeeds = 0;
Result endResult;

foreach livingDay in Days.Life
goodDeeds = (goodDeeds) pEffort + (goodDeeds) mEffort;
badDeeds = (badDeeds) tSpan;
endResult = goodDeeds – badDeeds;
return endResult;

public deeds Existence(Mind myMind,Body myBody,Soul mySoul)