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The Point of No Return…Home December 31, 2010

The Point of No Return …. HOME!!

I don’t know what to do and where to go. In a tiny expanse of a second, I am hugely split in a multitude of  directions. Like there is no clue to where the path lies or a branch ends with its various leaves hanging at every inch of it; each coming to an end where the leaf hangs. Is it not wrong? Is it not wrong a place to look at? For the destination of destiny can’t be so short lived to arrive at an end so near. The density of the leaves create a hay wired of emotions; sentiments so mix and intermixed that clarity seems so unfathomable to reach. The branch though seems quite logical as it runs long and deep with every passing wave of time that breaks when it has reached its most practically attainable height/limit.

Yet another year rolls its sleeves and the cloth of life is a little more shorter than it was. Time awaits time when it would just be enough to cover the bare necessities from the world around, marking a transition to a new era where comfy blankets of ultimate and unimaginable solace await the longing soul. The depth of the unfathomable soul that departs home could be achieved or perhaps there would no longer remain the infinite thirst of drinking from the fountain of youth.  The ageless reality might dawn upon the seeker and yet there might not remain any gravity to the new discoverable fact.

Though a realization might accompany, a truth that seems hugely likely that the inherent seeking nature of the bearer was just a behaviour; a behaviour rubbed off from the bodily and material surroundings. Or rather a seed cultivated by the Maker to remind continuously and continually, consciously and unconsciously of the absolute reality of the origin to the mass of the earthly being. The point of origin deems so likely to be the point of true return in this case. The Point of No Return.  A point so important and inevitable that the Source itself wouldn’t have let without embedding it in the creation. A point of reference to track back its path to the celestial abode that awaits to embrace the tortured, brutalized and abandoned soul.

This does arise a question in the quest …..though. The chemistry of the humanly attire is blessed with the ability to recognize References. Why would there be a reason to create References? The existence of time and passage is only felt through this mere consequence and innate ability of Reference.  Could the reason be more than the mere knowledge of past , present and future in what we call and know about our time on this planet? Could the real reason run far more deep than it seems apparently? The concise answer to that seems vague in absolute terms but a tangent to the answer might unveil the fact that it is required to establish a connection to the Absolute Reality. Whatever the physics, chemistry, biology or for that matter any other science relates to the points of references, the spiritual reality was the true essence of laying its foundation I believe. Without Reference, there wouldn’t be any urge to find, any desire to travel back home to the Point of No Return!!

The Bearer, The Seeker , The Searcher Holds its Breath Till The Façade Drops! Breathless; Speechless; in Awe and Aspiration clutching on tightly to the only remnants of the wildly insane inspiration and wishing Not to Die before Death embraces and makes itself known with its gentle outlandishly brutal Touch.


Nuzrana [Gift- Friendship Urdu Poetry] January 17, 2010

Nuzrana [Gift]

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Yadou.n mei.n meri hur so basi ho tum
La shaour mei.n Hina ki manind rachi ho tum

Yeh na samajna k deedar say pehlay hum tumharay, so gayay
Hur shub sitarou.n mei.n Talashtay hai.n tumhein, tumhari qasam

So ab jo intezar karnay ka irada nah ho
Tou shamil ho jana Humari unjumen mei.n Sanam!!

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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یادوں میں میری ہر سو بسی ھو تم
لا شعور میں حنا کی مانند رچی ھو تم
یہ نہ سمجھنا کے دیدار سے پہلے ہم تمھارے ، سو گیے
ہر شب ستاروں میں تلاشتے ھیں تمھیں ، تمہاری قسم
سو اب جو انتظار کرنے کا ارادہ نہ ھو
تو شامل ھو جانا ھماری انجمن میں صنم

From a child’s Diary comes out the etched moments in time …….narrating a bejeweled friendship….Humble words not so well versed in poetry….not so rich in vocabulary…but meaning finds them Deep….Simple, endless Sentiments tied in the Ribbon of English and Urdu Words…that speak from themselves…..


Nigah – A Glance at the Sky[ Urdu Creative Reflective Poetry ] January 9, 2010

A Glance at the Sky Above

glance at nature

Nigah (Glance at Nature)

Nature is a great source of Inspiration and Reflection. I am not sure but people always tend to look up if they are seeking some answers. Either they are conditioned to do so or have an element in their sub conscious mind reminding them of a spiritual connection with something high above them, something very vast and unreachable or something mysterious that they cannot understand completely.

To this something, they usually associate the word Divine and sometimes when they are trying to reach out to this Divine source or imagine themselves having a point of contact or conversation with it, they tend to focus their eyes towards the skies above.

How mysterious is the fact that the true nature of the sky above is so hidden from us? The pitch black darkness that dwells on the colorful sky above is not visible by an observer from the Earth. How amazing it is that the color that is so predominantly visible to the naked eye is a source of Relaxation;  something that Nature embeds in itself as a characteristic. A characteristic of Relaxation, Soothing and Gentle Calmness, Refreshing Tranquility and Peace.

A Glance at the Sky Above does reveal this inherent characteristic of Nature. Just simply looking at it (i.e. at Nature) causes the exponential return of a system (like Human system) to equilibrium after a disturbance (stress, strain, depression etc). There is a whole Science of Mind, Science of Colors and other sciences that would explain of what exactly is going on beneath the surface but we shall not delve into them over here.

I cannot restrict myself from quoting a beautiful Verse from the Holy Quran here. This and many more verses ASK US and SIGNIFY the Importance of REFLECTION in our lives.

Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): “Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You! (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners). Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire. ( Surah Ale-Imran 3:190,191)

One tip to add here for Relieving Depression (a disturbed state of mind) is to Look for 2-5 minutes at an angle above the horizontal plane of sight. Meaning when you are sitting with you head straight and upright, your eyes are at a position that is referred to here as horizontal plane of sight. Look above (like 45 degrees above that level) for 2-5 minutes, 3 times a day or whenever you remember during the day. This exercise will help you in curbing your Depression without fighting to do so at a Conscious level.

A brief English Translation of the Expression (Poetry)

The first two lines of this small Urdu poem (nazm) might mean that looking at the sky , struggling for answers didn’t help. Another meaning might be that though Nature was busy doing its job like relaxing us, we were searching for something else and didn’t realize this fact altogether.

But when we understood the Great Artistry of the Divine Nature, we were in Awe. The answers were so over-whelming that they left us speechless yet peaceful. Such is the effect of True Divinity !!

Nigah [Glance]

You.n haiyrut say deyr tuk asmaa.n ko tukti rahe
Hasil is nazur ko kuch bhi na hua
Ik lumhay ko jo qudrut pur meinay nigah dali
Tumam sawal meray la jawab ho gayay

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یوں حیرت سے بڑی دیر تک آسمان کو تکتی رہی
حاصل اِس نظر کو کچھ بهي نہ ھوا
اک لمحے کو جو قدرت پر میں نے نگاہ ڈالی
تمام سوال میرے لاجواب  ھو گیۓ

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

The only aim of this blog is to invoke Reflection on the things around us through Creative and Introspective Expression in the form of Urdu and English poetry and prose. Believing on the lines where the Creator asks its beings to Reflect, meditate, think about Duniya O Mafeeha… ( دنیا و مافیہا the world around us and everything in it – seen,unseen,past, present… ) .To survey and explore new grounds and dimensions in the course of the Life path and to share and learn from others is a daunting challenge that should be taken will complete belief and faith.


Explanation of Moti/Pearls (Creative/Reflective Urdu Poetry) December 31, 2009

Explanation of Creative/Reflective Urdu Life Path Poetry

Here’s my own personal and limited interpretation for the Poem “Moti” from an earlier post found here . If you have any thing to add or deduct, please do so in the Comment Section Below.


Khoobsurti kay rungou.n mei.n piroyay Moti
Jhalak kur gir chukay hai.n asmaa.n say
Hum ney damun phaila kur agaay
Bhur lia isay in Na ashnaou.n say
Phir pyar k dhagay mein pirounay k baad
Kamil kiya galay say laga kur, jo na mukammul thay
Zara sa jhataknay say he, Yeh Dil Fareib!!
Tumam Hudou.n ko paar kur gayay
Kaha tha k Kul Arzoo k Dur Pay
Sajayein gay yeh nayaab Moti
Ho gayay Faslay buhut dour mager
Jub gir kur bikhur parhay yeh Bud naseeb Moti
Ab hum in ki talaash kya karein
Budgumaan kur chukay hain yeh Bay wujood Moti


خوبصورتی کے رنگوں میں پروئے موتی
جھلک کر گر چکے ھیں آسماں سے
ھم نے دامن پھیلا کر آگے
بھر لیا اِسے اِن نہ آشناؤں سے
پھر پیار کے دھاگے میں پرونے کے بعد
کامل کیا گلے سے لگا کر، جو نہ مکمل تھے
ذرا سا جھٹکنے سے ھی یہ دلفریب
تمام حدوں کو پار کر گئے
کہا تھا کہ کل آرزو کے در پہ
سجائیں گے یہ نایاب موتی
ھوگئے فاصلے بہت دور مگر
جب گِر کر بکھر پڑے یہ بدنصیب موتی
اب ھم اِن کی تلاش کیا کریں
بدگمان کر چکے ھیں یہ بےوجود موتی

Strangers Na ashnaou.n / نہ آشناؤں
Complete Kamil/کامل
throw with the hand,toss,shake off,twitch,agitate Jhataknay/جھٹکنے
attractive,captivating Dil fareib /دلفریب
Rare Nayaab /نایاب


Moti…What is it all about?

On a literal level, it actually mentions the Rain drops that are weaved in beautiful colors especially when they turn into a rainbow after rain. When the sky gets heavy carrying all those fully loaded clouds around and can bear no more, it lets the water fall to the ground which in a way brings moments of joy to the people below like a blessing from the Heavens above.
The people or an individual so filled with ecstasy can control their/his emotions no more and want to collect and save as much of these precious possessions (rain drops) . For this reason, they extend their embracing arms and warm containers full of emotions forward to fill them with this rain (drops) to the extent possible. They are not familiar with the nature of these rain drops or what it will bring to them but they are inspired with beauty and nature so much that they welcome them in their lives.

These drops , Exquisitely Pearly shaped, transparent and reflective carry a flood of beauty and perfection in them and the Possessor (the person who has them now) wants to adorn, beautify him/herself with it by weaving them in a necklace, worn around the neck ( like an ornament) .

The individual feels as if he/she has actually completed them as they look even more pretty and their beauty comes out/ is complemented by them.

But the person didn’t know about how Fragile, weak and Fake they are. A very little agitation, shaking off is only what it takes to Break them. Little did the person know that such a gentle blow will make them Fall apart. And they cross the limits in the sense that they break and fall apart so now they are not bonded together anymore.

The person’s fanciful fantasies and imagination had made him/her believe (wrongfully) that they will decorate themselves with these Rare Pearls as an embellishment to enhance their charm and beauty and their wishes will get a reality.

But unfortunately, the dream’s broken as now these UnFortunate Pearls are far apart since they had dispersed and scattered on the ground. There is no use finding them , recovering them, getting them back together Since the feelings that the person once held for them don’t Exist anymore. Their Dreamlike, Great Image in his/her eyes has Tarnished/broken and so has his/her Trust in Them.


This might have several interpretations but the underlying meaning is the same. Sometimes, we just come across such people in life that we start considering them Our Life. These people can be given several labels …they could be Friends or Relatives etc. but they sure Seem like a Blessing from God just like the much awaited Summer Rain. We develop love, care and affinity for them suddenly due to Some similarities and nice, outward behaviors that they display. We feel that we complement them in every form.
The 7th,8th lines can be interpreted in a number of ways. Like for instance, A slight misunderstanding (on their part) shows us how Fake the relationship was. It held no Promise for future. They never trusted us in the first place. OR they broke our trust or when we tried to test them, they failed.
All our dreams are broken and there remains no color anywhere anymore. Neither we can put them back in the exalted and high position that we did before, nor we can allow them any place in our life. Once the boundaries are crossed and the damage is done, it cannot be Undone!!

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

The only aim of this blog is to invoke Reflection on the things around us through Creative and Introspective Expression in the form of Urdu and English poetry and prose. Believing on the lines where the Creator asks its beings to Reflect, meditate, think about Duniya O Mafeeha… ( دنیا و مافیہا the world around us and everything in it – seen,unseen,past, present… ) .To survey and explore new grounds and dimensions in the course of the Life path and to share and learn from others is a daunting challenge that should be taken will complete belief and faith.

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Explanation of Kamal e Zaat – Human Pinnacle (Life Path Creative Urdu Poetry) December 27, 2009

Explanation of Creative Urdu Life Path Poetry

Just my own personal and limited interpretation for the Poem Kamal E Zaat. If you have any thing to add or deduct, please do so in the Comment Section Below.

Kamal e Zaat / Human Pinnacle

Jhulas kur he Taqat milti hai Awaz ko
Jul kur tuptay Suraj mei.n, jaa.n milti hai purwaz ko
Qatray jo bisaat nahi rukhtay, kho jatay hai.n rait mei.n
Juzb-e-bahim bhi ho mager, Kawish-e-Wahid say
Kamrani milti hai Baraat ko
Bay Sabati mei.n rawaa.n zindagi kay saath ko
Fana ho kur he, sabaat milti hai zaat ko

کمالِ ذات

جھلس کر ھی طاقت ملتی ھے آواز کو
جل کر تپتے سورج میں،جاں ملتی ھے پرواز کو
قطرے جو بساط نہیں رکھتے، کھو جاتے ھیں ریت میں
جزبِ باھم بھی ھو مگر ، کاوشِ ِ واحد سے ھی کامرانی
ملتی ھے بارات کو
بےثباتی میں رواں زندگی کے ساتھ کو
فنا ھو کر ھی، ثبات ملتی ھے ذات کو

Scorch/burn/dry up with heat
Jhulas /جھلس
Flight (fly)
Purwaz /پرواز
Bisaat / بساط
Cohesion/unison (force that keeps one connected, united, together)
Juzb-e-bahim /
جزبِ باھم
The effort of a single person/thing
Kawish-e-Wahid /
کاوشِ ِ واحد
Victory, win
Kamrani / کامرانی
Group (of people/things) , congregation
Baraat / بارات
something that is not forever, mortal, the state or quality of being changeable/variable/unreliable (due to constant change), ناپائیداری
Bay Sabati / بےثباتی
چلتا , جاری , flowing, on going
Rawaa.n / رواں
continuation, immortality/a state that exists forever, constancy, perseverance, persistence, ٹھہراؤ , ہمیشگی
Sabaat / ثبات
Annihilatation, The act of reducing to nothing, or nonexistence; or the act of destroying the form or combination of parts under which a thing exists
Fana / فنا


Kamal-E-Zaat…What is it all about?

Kamal means Completion, Perfection , Attainment.

Zaat means Entity (that has[/which is perceived or known or inferred to have] a distinct, separate existence (living or nonliving) , though it need not be a material existence.

Kamal-e-Zaat stands for a “Entity(e.g. Soul) that has attained perfection.”.

” ذات کا کمال /ذات کا تکمیل کو پہنچنا ۔ کمال حاصل کرنا ”

The writing symbolizes the life of a Droplet of Water. How it moves on with its life, passing from one stage to another and what it attains ….

A too humble and modest drop of water that has to fight continuously the struggle in/of life and pass through a test that has been presented to it. On a literal level, it discusses the circumstances it has to go through during the whole process called Life. When you look at its life cycle, it has to get itself burnt to actually change from liquid to vapour (vaporization); a process so essential and quite noticeably the Only process that will make it RISE towards the sky. The drops that don’t find the strength or are unable to go through the whole process of burning themselves, losing their physical identity ( at some point under the scorching heat of the sun or fire ) will just meet a fate of loss; a loss that shows itself in the form of the drops getting buried in the sand and losing their identity altogether in the vast expanse and mass of the sand.

It points out another fact that no matter if all these drops are united together like in a great ocean or vast seas, not all will win in changing their fate and taking them to the next, higher level of existence ( the state when they are in the form of vapor hung high in the sky ) . It takes the courage, the strength, the utmost desire of ONE drop to be the First to rise and lead the way for other drops to follow.

The last part though concludes the whole cycle though pointing out another important fact in the water life cycle. The fact that the water’s (drop’s) transition and change of states is CONTINUOUS from solid (ice) to liquid (water) to gas (vapour) and then back to liquid (water) again i.e. When the water rises to the sky and gets accumulated in the clouds and then changes to ice or back to water and falls down as the heavenly shower (rain). The whole process is gradual but continuous and NON STOP.

Though the highly Unreliable nature of drop’s life makes it lose its Physical Identity ( Physical Identity which is a way that others Recognized you, it’s a Reason of Being Known or Attaining Recognition and Fame ) BUT in Reality, Losing this physical identity, this annihilation, this Non existence is the ONLY WAY that makes and paves the way for THE DROP to be actually Attain the Pinnacle, the Highest point, the Perfection and Completion of Self, the Inner Self since this is the ONLY WAY to Achieve Great Goals/the goals that its meant to achieve with the Talents and Potential that lies Within.


It can have multiple meanings and ways of looking at it figuratively. This is one of them.

If we symbolize a human being to a drop, we can see realize that:

Kamal-e-Zaat is all about a Single Individual Attaining the Height of Perfection of its Being.

Kamal-e-Zaat also points out Losing One’s Outer self to Complete the Inner Self. Though this can be interpreted at a Material level too.

The first 2 lines just point out a simple fact that Hard work and Struggle Define, Make and Result in Human Success.

It can also mean that unless one goes through the Tough, Harsh experiences in life, one can’t find the Wisdom, the Depth, the Passion, the Perseverance, the Strong desire to accomplish and attain something. One cannot feel ……..

The third line just explains the fact that People who don’t have endurance, who can’t stand in the face of all odds can’t succeed, are not remembered and are just lost amongst millions of others, not achieving anything.

The fourth and fifth line just tells us the Unity is not Everything ( unity in terms of thinking alike or carrying similar views and opinions). There has to be a Leader, a Revolutionist, a Person who has the Courage, the guts, the Strength, the Character to Take the First Step. To implement the Impossible and to lead the way and shape the destiny of Millions around it. And due to this Person, Success would come to the remaining as they will Follow his True and Just cause

The life in itself is Temporary, Humans are Mortal. Moreover, the life keeps on changes, human beings go through various phases of life from childhood to youth to old age, various chapters in life marked by successes and failures. The inherent nature of life represents change, constant change and nothing is Absolute, nothing is Fixed, Permanent and Forever.

One only attains Immortality through Submitting himself/herself to a Cause, to losing its Own Existence for a Greater good. Such a person remains amongst the living even when he dies and is Relived through their remembrances of him/her. This is the Actual Existence even though Physical Existence Remains No More. It also outlines the fact that Death gives way to a Permanence to Soul and Such Death is actually an Immortal Life of Permanence, of Eternity.

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed


Food for Thought – One Liner (11) December 9, 2009

” LIFE is not FREE. I should seriously consider paying some dues ;] “

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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Dried Leaves Blown With the Wind [ Urdu Sad Poetry ] December 1, 2009

Khushk Pattay [Dried Leaves]

Khushk pattoun ki tarah, meri arzoain urh gayeen
Jahan say chali theen, waheen akay ruk gayeen

Mein samajti thi, in pattoun mein kitna urooj hai
Huwa thumi, haqeeqat khuli, k yeh urhna baysoud hai
Urhtay urhtay badaloun pur mehloun tak puhunch gayay
Lamhay bhur mein yeh mahal bhi roee mein badal gayay
Jis taraf ley chalay, us taraf ko chul diyay
Oper jo gayay thay, ab barishoun say dhul gayay
Gonjti huyee bijliyan jo ik lumhay ko thum gayeen
Tou yeh rida orh kur qadam inke jum gayay
Is chamak say ankh bund, jo zara deyr ko ho gayee
Khouf say chehra bhura, hashar say deyhul gayay
Sahum sahum k ghomtay, gardishoun mein jhoumtay
Mayousian lipat gayeen, kafan mein simatt gayay
Akhir kar, yeh zamee pur charoun or bikhur gayay
Uthanay jo agay burhay, phir hath say nikal parhay
Jhonkay jo takraye tou, Khushk kur k chul diyay
Qudmoun k sung sung, thori dour hil parhay
Tez huwa k shour mein, yeh pur katay uth parhay
Safar k ikhtatam pur, phir apnay ghar ah basay
Neelgoun asmaa pur taray jub jugmaga uthay
Tou is roshni k rastay, wo apna dur khatkhata sakay
Apnay ghur k rastay, apnay ghur ko ah chukay
Awaz jo dub gayee, dil phurphurha uthay
Jahan say chalay thay, Waheen wapis ah basay
Ibtada ko ikhtitam say yeh deewanay mila chukay
Meri arzooun ki tarah Khushk pattay bikhur gayay
Jahan say chalay thay waheen akur ruk gayay
Khushk pattoun ki tarah, meri arzoain urh gayeen
Jahan say chali theen, waheen akay ruk gayeen

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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خشک پتّے

خشک پتّوں کی طرح میری آرزویئں ا ُُڑ گیئں
جہاں سے چلی تھیں وھیں آکے ر ُک گیئں
میں سمجھی تھی اِن پتّوں میں کتنا عروج ھے
ھوا تھمی ، حقیقت کھلی کہ یہ ا ُڑنا بےسود ھے
ا ُڑتے ا ُڑتے بادلوں پر محلوں تک پہنچ گئے
لمحے بھر میں یہ محل بھی روئ میں بدل گئے
جس طرف لے چلے ، ا ُس طرف کو چل دیے
اوپر جو گئے تھے اب بارشوں سے د ُھل گئے
گُونجتی ھوئ بجلیاں جو اِک لمحے کو تھم گیئں
تو یہ ردھا ا ُوڑھ کر قدم اِن کے جم گئے
اِس چمک سے آنکھ بند ، جو ذرا دیر کو ھوگئ
خوف سے چہرہ بھرا ، حشر سے دھل گئے
سہم سہم کر گھومتے ، گردشوں میں جھومتے
مایوسیاں لپٹ گیئں ، کفن میں سمٹ گئے
آخرکار ، یہ زمیں پر چاروں ا ُور بکھر گئے
ا ُتھانے جو آگے بڑھے ، پھر ہاتھ سے نکل پڑے
جھونکے جو ٹکرائے تو ، خشک کر کے چل دیے
قدموں کے سنگ سنگ تھوڑی دور ھِل پڑے
تیز ھوا کہ شور میں یہ پر کٹے ا ُتھ پڑے
سفر کے اختتام پر پھر اپنے گھر آبسے
نیلگوں آسماں پر تارے جب جگمگا ا ُٹھے
تو اِس روشنی کے راستے ، وہ اپنا در کٹھکٹھا سکے
اپنے گھر کے راستے ، اپنے گھر کو آچکے
آواز جو دب گئ ، دل پھڑپھڑا ا ُٹھے
جہاں سے چلے تھے وہیں واپس آبسے
ابتدا کو اختتام سے یہ دیوانے ملا چکے
میری آرزوؤں کی طرح خشک پتّے بکھر گئے
جہاں سے چلے تھے وھیں آکر رُ ک گئے
خشک پتّوں کی طرح میری آرزویئں ا ُُڑ گیئں
جہاں سے چلی تھیں وھاں آکے ر ُک گیئں