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Full of contradictions, Fighting to unravel the Mysteries & discover my True calling and make others discover theirs through Thought-Provoking Life Path posts.Come join me in the quest for peace, discovery and knowledge. Share & View your reflections in the journey with my Words , Meet Me & Meet yourself on this pebbly road, deep trench and steep slope called – The Life Path….

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Nuzrana [Gift- Friendship Urdu Poetry]

Nigah – A Glance at the Sky[ Urdu Creative Reflective Poetry ]

Explanation of Moti/Pearls (Creative/Reflective Urdu Poetry)

Explanation of Kamal e Zaat – Human Pinnacle (Life Path Creative Urdu Poetry)

Food for Thought – One Liner (18)

I love Newton! I love Newton's Law of Motions!!

I love Newton! I love Newton’s Law of Motions!!

Food for Thought – One Liner (11)

I wish I had a little Sunshine of my Own!

Dried Leaves Blown With the Wind [ Urdu Sad Poetry ]

Hijab – Poetry Behind the Veil [ Urdu Poetry]

A in English; Alif in Urdu

Ahmed Mohammad – Pure and Divine

Rahi Hum Rahi (Urdu Poetry)


Pa Liya Ya Kho Gayay

[Haqeer Pattay] – حقیر پتّے

[Sokhay Pattay] – سوکھے پتّے

Food For Thought – One Liner (17)

Food For Thought – One Liner (16)

Food For Thought – One Liner (14)

Food For Thought – One Liner (15)


4 Leafy Lucky Clover – BedSheet II

Wild Mystical Ray

Food For Thought – One Liner (13)

Food For Thought – One Liner (12)

[Hawa Thami Thi Zaroor Lekin]-ھوا تھمی تھی ضرور لیکن

Food For Thought – One Liner (10)

Food For Thought – One Liner (9)

Freedom [Azaadi] – آزادی

Wild Twigs – BedSheet III

Rambling (1) – Season

Wild Trees – Canvas Art I


Food For Thought – One Liner (8)

What M I?

[Kyuon Ho?] – کیوں ھو ؟

Rainbow [Qaus-e-Qaza] – قوسِ قزح

Busy As Hell, Are you?

Rawish – روش

Food For Thought – One Liner (7)

Food For Thought – One Liner (6)

Bedoun Ism – Lahza e Muqtadir

Food For Thought – One Liner (5)

Randomizing Wildness

Randomizing Wildness

Food For Thought – One Liner (4)

Food For Thought – One Liner (3)

Food For Thought – One Liner (2)

Food For Thought – One Liner (1)



Kamal – E- Zaat

An unacceptable Realization

Sublime Call

Through the Looking-Glass

The Seed that Never Really Grew!!

Leaf 1