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Explanation of Kamal e Zaat – Human Pinnacle (Life Path Creative Urdu Poetry) December 27, 2009

Explanation of Creative Urdu Life Path Poetry

Just my own personal and limited interpretation for the Poem Kamal E Zaat. If you have any thing to add or deduct, please do so in the Comment Section Below.

Kamal e Zaat / Human Pinnacle

Jhulas kur he Taqat milti hai Awaz ko
Jul kur tuptay Suraj mei.n, jaa.n milti hai purwaz ko
Qatray jo bisaat nahi rukhtay, kho jatay hai.n rait mei.n
Juzb-e-bahim bhi ho mager, Kawish-e-Wahid say
Kamrani milti hai Baraat ko
Bay Sabati mei.n rawaa.n zindagi kay saath ko
Fana ho kur he, sabaat milti hai zaat ko

کمالِ ذات

جھلس کر ھی طاقت ملتی ھے آواز کو
جل کر تپتے سورج میں،جاں ملتی ھے پرواز کو
قطرے جو بساط نہیں رکھتے، کھو جاتے ھیں ریت میں
جزبِ باھم بھی ھو مگر ، کاوشِ ِ واحد سے ھی کامرانی
ملتی ھے بارات کو
بےثباتی میں رواں زندگی کے ساتھ کو
فنا ھو کر ھی، ثبات ملتی ھے ذات کو

Scorch/burn/dry up with heat
Jhulas /جھلس
Flight (fly)
Purwaz /پرواز
Bisaat / بساط
Cohesion/unison (force that keeps one connected, united, together)
Juzb-e-bahim /
جزبِ باھم
The effort of a single person/thing
Kawish-e-Wahid /
کاوشِ ِ واحد
Victory, win
Kamrani / کامرانی
Group (of people/things) , congregation
Baraat / بارات
something that is not forever, mortal, the state or quality of being changeable/variable/unreliable (due to constant change), ناپائیداری
Bay Sabati / بےثباتی
چلتا , جاری , flowing, on going
Rawaa.n / رواں
continuation, immortality/a state that exists forever, constancy, perseverance, persistence, ٹھہراؤ , ہمیشگی
Sabaat / ثبات
Annihilatation, The act of reducing to nothing, or nonexistence; or the act of destroying the form or combination of parts under which a thing exists
Fana / فنا


Kamal-E-Zaat…What is it all about?

Kamal means Completion, Perfection , Attainment.

Zaat means Entity (that has[/which is perceived or known or inferred to have] a distinct, separate existence (living or nonliving) , though it need not be a material existence.

Kamal-e-Zaat stands for a “Entity(e.g. Soul) that has attained perfection.”.

” ذات کا کمال /ذات کا تکمیل کو پہنچنا ۔ کمال حاصل کرنا ”

The writing symbolizes the life of a Droplet of Water. How it moves on with its life, passing from one stage to another and what it attains ….

A too humble and modest drop of water that has to fight continuously the struggle in/of life and pass through a test that has been presented to it. On a literal level, it discusses the circumstances it has to go through during the whole process called Life. When you look at its life cycle, it has to get itself burnt to actually change from liquid to vapour (vaporization); a process so essential and quite noticeably the Only process that will make it RISE towards the sky. The drops that don’t find the strength or are unable to go through the whole process of burning themselves, losing their physical identity ( at some point under the scorching heat of the sun or fire ) will just meet a fate of loss; a loss that shows itself in the form of the drops getting buried in the sand and losing their identity altogether in the vast expanse and mass of the sand.

It points out another fact that no matter if all these drops are united together like in a great ocean or vast seas, not all will win in changing their fate and taking them to the next, higher level of existence ( the state when they are in the form of vapor hung high in the sky ) . It takes the courage, the strength, the utmost desire of ONE drop to be the First to rise and lead the way for other drops to follow.

The last part though concludes the whole cycle though pointing out another important fact in the water life cycle. The fact that the water’s (drop’s) transition and change of states is CONTINUOUS from solid (ice) to liquid (water) to gas (vapour) and then back to liquid (water) again i.e. When the water rises to the sky and gets accumulated in the clouds and then changes to ice or back to water and falls down as the heavenly shower (rain). The whole process is gradual but continuous and NON STOP.

Though the highly Unreliable nature of drop’s life makes it lose its Physical Identity ( Physical Identity which is a way that others Recognized you, it’s a Reason of Being Known or Attaining Recognition and Fame ) BUT in Reality, Losing this physical identity, this annihilation, this Non existence is the ONLY WAY that makes and paves the way for THE DROP to be actually Attain the Pinnacle, the Highest point, the Perfection and Completion of Self, the Inner Self since this is the ONLY WAY to Achieve Great Goals/the goals that its meant to achieve with the Talents and Potential that lies Within.


It can have multiple meanings and ways of looking at it figuratively. This is one of them.

If we symbolize a human being to a drop, we can see realize that:

Kamal-e-Zaat is all about a Single Individual Attaining the Height of Perfection of its Being.

Kamal-e-Zaat also points out Losing One’s Outer self to Complete the Inner Self. Though this can be interpreted at a Material level too.

The first 2 lines just point out a simple fact that Hard work and Struggle Define, Make and Result in Human Success.

It can also mean that unless one goes through the Tough, Harsh experiences in life, one can’t find the Wisdom, the Depth, the Passion, the Perseverance, the Strong desire to accomplish and attain something. One cannot feel ……..

The third line just explains the fact that People who don’t have endurance, who can’t stand in the face of all odds can’t succeed, are not remembered and are just lost amongst millions of others, not achieving anything.

The fourth and fifth line just tells us the Unity is not Everything ( unity in terms of thinking alike or carrying similar views and opinions). There has to be a Leader, a Revolutionist, a Person who has the Courage, the guts, the Strength, the Character to Take the First Step. To implement the Impossible and to lead the way and shape the destiny of Millions around it. And due to this Person, Success would come to the remaining as they will Follow his True and Just cause

The life in itself is Temporary, Humans are Mortal. Moreover, the life keeps on changes, human beings go through various phases of life from childhood to youth to old age, various chapters in life marked by successes and failures. The inherent nature of life represents change, constant change and nothing is Absolute, nothing is Fixed, Permanent and Forever.

One only attains Immortality through Submitting himself/herself to a Cause, to losing its Own Existence for a Greater good. Such a person remains amongst the living even when he dies and is Relived through their remembrances of him/her. This is the Actual Existence even though Physical Existence Remains No More. It also outlines the fact that Death gives way to a Permanence to Soul and Such Death is actually an Immortal Life of Permanence, of Eternity.

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed