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The Point of No Return…Home December 31, 2010

The Point of No Return …. HOME!!

I don’t know what to do and where to go. In a tiny expanse of a second, I am hugely split in a multitude of  directions. Like there is no clue to where the path lies or a branch ends with its various leaves hanging at every inch of it; each coming to an end where the leaf hangs. Is it not wrong? Is it not wrong a place to look at? For the destination of destiny can’t be so short lived to arrive at an end so near. The density of the leaves create a hay wired of emotions; sentiments so mix and intermixed that clarity seems so unfathomable to reach. The branch though seems quite logical as it runs long and deep with every passing wave of time that breaks when it has reached its most practically attainable height/limit.

Yet another year rolls its sleeves and the cloth of life is a little more shorter than it was. Time awaits time when it would just be enough to cover the bare necessities from the world around, marking a transition to a new era where comfy blankets of ultimate and unimaginable solace await the longing soul. The depth of the unfathomable soul that departs home could be achieved or perhaps there would no longer remain the infinite thirst of drinking from the fountain of youth.  The ageless reality might dawn upon the seeker and yet there might not remain any gravity to the new discoverable fact.

Though a realization might accompany, a truth that seems hugely likely that the inherent seeking nature of the bearer was just a behaviour; a behaviour rubbed off from the bodily and material surroundings. Or rather a seed cultivated by the Maker to remind continuously and continually, consciously and unconsciously of the absolute reality of the origin to the mass of the earthly being. The point of origin deems so likely to be the point of true return in this case. The Point of No Return.  A point so important and inevitable that the Source itself wouldn’t have let without embedding it in the creation. A point of reference to track back its path to the celestial abode that awaits to embrace the tortured, brutalized and abandoned soul.

This does arise a question in the quest …..though. The chemistry of the humanly attire is blessed with the ability to recognize References. Why would there be a reason to create References? The existence of time and passage is only felt through this mere consequence and innate ability of Reference.  Could the reason be more than the mere knowledge of past , present and future in what we call and know about our time on this planet? Could the real reason run far more deep than it seems apparently? The concise answer to that seems vague in absolute terms but a tangent to the answer might unveil the fact that it is required to establish a connection to the Absolute Reality. Whatever the physics, chemistry, biology or for that matter any other science relates to the points of references, the spiritual reality was the true essence of laying its foundation I believe. Without Reference, there wouldn’t be any urge to find, any desire to travel back home to the Point of No Return!!

The Bearer, The Seeker , The Searcher Holds its Breath Till The Façade Drops! Breathless; Speechless; in Awe and Aspiration clutching on tightly to the only remnants of the wildly insane inspiration and wishing Not to Die before Death embraces and makes itself known with its gentle outlandishly brutal Touch.