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Explanation of Moti/Pearls (Creative/Reflective Urdu Poetry) December 31, 2009

Explanation of Creative/Reflective Urdu Life Path Poetry

Here’s my own personal and limited interpretation for the Poem “Moti” from an earlier post found here . If you have any thing to add or deduct, please do so in the Comment Section Below.


Khoobsurti kay rungou.n mei.n piroyay Moti
Jhalak kur gir chukay hai.n asmaa.n say
Hum ney damun phaila kur agaay
Bhur lia isay in Na ashnaou.n say
Phir pyar k dhagay mein pirounay k baad
Kamil kiya galay say laga kur, jo na mukammul thay
Zara sa jhataknay say he, Yeh Dil Fareib!!
Tumam Hudou.n ko paar kur gayay
Kaha tha k Kul Arzoo k Dur Pay
Sajayein gay yeh nayaab Moti
Ho gayay Faslay buhut dour mager
Jub gir kur bikhur parhay yeh Bud naseeb Moti
Ab hum in ki talaash kya karein
Budgumaan kur chukay hain yeh Bay wujood Moti


خوبصورتی کے رنگوں میں پروئے موتی
جھلک کر گر چکے ھیں آسماں سے
ھم نے دامن پھیلا کر آگے
بھر لیا اِسے اِن نہ آشناؤں سے
پھر پیار کے دھاگے میں پرونے کے بعد
کامل کیا گلے سے لگا کر، جو نہ مکمل تھے
ذرا سا جھٹکنے سے ھی یہ دلفریب
تمام حدوں کو پار کر گئے
کہا تھا کہ کل آرزو کے در پہ
سجائیں گے یہ نایاب موتی
ھوگئے فاصلے بہت دور مگر
جب گِر کر بکھر پڑے یہ بدنصیب موتی
اب ھم اِن کی تلاش کیا کریں
بدگمان کر چکے ھیں یہ بےوجود موتی

Strangers Na ashnaou.n / نہ آشناؤں
Complete Kamil/کامل
throw with the hand,toss,shake off,twitch,agitate Jhataknay/جھٹکنے
attractive,captivating Dil fareib /دلفریب
Rare Nayaab /نایاب


Moti…What is it all about?

On a literal level, it actually mentions the Rain drops that are weaved in beautiful colors especially when they turn into a rainbow after rain. When the sky gets heavy carrying all those fully loaded clouds around and can bear no more, it lets the water fall to the ground which in a way brings moments of joy to the people below like a blessing from the Heavens above.
The people or an individual so filled with ecstasy can control their/his emotions no more and want to collect and save as much of these precious possessions (rain drops) . For this reason, they extend their embracing arms and warm containers full of emotions forward to fill them with this rain (drops) to the extent possible. They are not familiar with the nature of these rain drops or what it will bring to them but they are inspired with beauty and nature so much that they welcome them in their lives.

These drops , Exquisitely Pearly shaped, transparent and reflective carry a flood of beauty and perfection in them and the Possessor (the person who has them now) wants to adorn, beautify him/herself with it by weaving them in a necklace, worn around the neck ( like an ornament) .

The individual feels as if he/she has actually completed them as they look even more pretty and their beauty comes out/ is complemented by them.

But the person didn’t know about how Fragile, weak and Fake they are. A very little agitation, shaking off is only what it takes to Break them. Little did the person know that such a gentle blow will make them Fall apart. And they cross the limits in the sense that they break and fall apart so now they are not bonded together anymore.

The person’s fanciful fantasies and imagination had made him/her believe (wrongfully) that they will decorate themselves with these Rare Pearls as an embellishment to enhance their charm and beauty and their wishes will get a reality.

But unfortunately, the dream’s broken as now these UnFortunate Pearls are far apart since they had dispersed and scattered on the ground. There is no use finding them , recovering them, getting them back together Since the feelings that the person once held for them don’t Exist anymore. Their Dreamlike, Great Image in his/her eyes has Tarnished/broken and so has his/her Trust in Them.


This might have several interpretations but the underlying meaning is the same. Sometimes, we just come across such people in life that we start considering them Our Life. These people can be given several labels …they could be Friends or Relatives etc. but they sure Seem like a Blessing from God just like the much awaited Summer Rain. We develop love, care and affinity for them suddenly due to Some similarities and nice, outward behaviors that they display. We feel that we complement them in every form.
The 7th,8th lines can be interpreted in a number of ways. Like for instance, A slight misunderstanding (on their part) shows us how Fake the relationship was. It held no Promise for future. They never trusted us in the first place. OR they broke our trust or when we tried to test them, they failed.
All our dreams are broken and there remains no color anywhere anymore. Neither we can put them back in the exalted and high position that we did before, nor we can allow them any place in our life. Once the boundaries are crossed and the damage is done, it cannot be Undone!!

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

The only aim of this blog is to invoke Reflection on the things around us through Creative and Introspective Expression in the form of Urdu and English poetry and prose. Believing on the lines where the Creator asks its beings to Reflect, meditate, think about Duniya O Mafeeha… ( دنیا و مافیہا the world around us and everything in it – seen,unseen,past, present… ) .To survey and explore new grounds and dimensions in the course of the Life path and to share and learn from others is a daunting challenge that should be taken will complete belief and faith.

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9 Responses to “Explanation of Moti/Pearls (Creative/Reflective Urdu Poetry)”

  1. Behzad Says:

    Nice 1…Everything falls in our laps from heavens in the shape of pearls(moti)….. What ever we like, we keep it n rest is wasted …… it includes knowledge, “rizq”, love etc….. in this case, oue timing and passion matters a lot….
    Anyway nice 1….

  2. Atta Says:

    Very nice again. Very interesting thoughts. But this time your choice and selection of words is pretty intriguing. In my view this “Fall from sky” is interesting phenomenon. Either people lose their dignity, position and lose their way or we catch them up i.e the people who seem like Gods, Idols and fairies suddenly start looking like humans very similar to us and we start living in a dream. Then later half is even more interesting where your nostalgic sense of loss seems more pronounced and hurtful than the understanding of the luckless existence of your Pearls i.e you are ‘Bad guman’ despite the belief that they were “bad naseeb” (probably ur hidden meaning is they didn’t deserve you but they lost whatever chance they had:). Your title i think sums it up a lot despite the fall from your ‘daman’ you still call them ‘Moti’ and some times ‘nayaab moti’………

    • zhahmed Says:

      Gosh!! Atta…This is one of the best replies I have ever read on this blog. It indeed does INTRIGUE me to Reflect back at what I have written almost a decade ago. A simple fact is that whatever one writes (it either represents their own feelings or the feelings of others around that they have seen or picked up through their eyes from the surroundings) does always carry elements (conscious or subliminal) that point out the writer’s own way of thinking or their own perspective. You just pointed out that fact by highlighting such elements which opens avenues of Reflection and Discovery.
      The interpretation of “Bud naseeb” that you did is right on spot. The focus on the word “Bud guman” and the Title “Moti” did instantly make me realize that I always do give more Preference and Weightage to Guman. I somehow, keep on recalling what Allah asked people to do…which is “Logoun k baray mein Acha guman rukho” or Think positive about others. So the Pearls, what ever they are or hint to us (even negative, even if you hear others pointing out negative stuff around), unless you have bad experience with them, keep your Perception and thinking Positive for them.
      Ofcourse after the experience, you will feel broken. And tackling that thought in a positive way is not under discussion here…Its something to be discussed later…

    • zhahmed Says:

      Another thing you pointed out was what Moti can stand for ” fairies, Gods, Idols ” …… ;}

      • Atta Says:

        Thanks for the compliment. Dealing with devious subtleties of words there are times when people find new dimensions within your message but fail to redraw the picture which was in your mind which some times give a bit of empty feeling (rather incompleteness). It always feels nice to be understood. This time I was thinking on same lines, but there will be times when you may say.. Oh Atta you really made a mess of my idea. O’ com’ on where did this come from :). I hope poetess is strong enough to deal with unexpected comments.

        • zhahmed Says:

          Why in the world would the Blog Writer ask people to tell what they understood or felt after reading a Post ???
          Not because she is afraid of unexpected comments or even criticism. Because she wants to know (For 1) what and how people see, interpret specific words or the writing in general (which she knows would or could be very different since every person is different and would love and appreciate if its different as it broadens the horizons ).
          So, don’t worry since the writer is never looking for people who are Just Redrawing the picture with the same colors. She wants to see how the picture looks with new, different and distinct colors. The New colors will bring NEW LIFE to the picture ;]
          Never Restrict your self in writing the Interpretation ;} Am very much looking forward to it ….

  3. sheen Says:

    I slightly connect it 2 divine lov .
    whn a person associates oneself 2 GOD,he believes that whatever big or small is there in this world,its a beautiful blessing,(as the 1st 2 lines say ;khoobsurti kay rungoun mein piroyoy moti…)
    he counts his blessings unlike the ignorant(who many at times dont evn thank GOD 4 all the blessings they r bestowd with )(as is said;bhur liya isay in na-ashnaoun say…),tries 2 b righteous & fulfils all his duties honestly &sincerely.(as is said; kamil kiya galay se laga kur… )
    & he thinks its all thats required 4 lov.
    bt lov is alwaz testd with difficuties.
    so a small test/mishap(zara sa jhataknay say…)sent by the belovd GOD& the person’s lov&at times evn belief is shaken(as said in;tumam hudoun ko par kur gayay).
    he starts cursing his luck,thinks that he isnt loved by GOD,the association weakens betwn him & GOD & he goes astray(as its said;budguman kur chukay hain…).
    as he was delightd with the blessings sent in the form of happiness,he fails 2 realize that the tests were also sent by the GOD 2 make his belief firm & draw him closer 2 GOD .

    a beautiful poem which says 1loves GOD & remembers him in happiness,bt a littlle test & the person becomes hopless & drowns in negativity…..

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