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I love Newton! I love Newton’s Law of Motions!! December 19, 2009

Newton’s Fourth Law of Motions

I love Newton. My love of Newton started in school actually, during the Physics class. Of all the sciences, Physics was the one that held true to my heart and I loved to know and learn how things around me worked.

I love the fact that an Apple fell on Newton and I love the fact that Newton, therefore discovered gravity. Uncle Newton, as I like to call him, laid down all those Laws of Motion that were taught rigorously in class. Supposedly, after all those years I reminisce those Laws of Motion and what comes to my mind is utterly a nuisance.  Well, I am still very sober though but I hope you really believe in it after looking at the image below.

With all due respect to Newton uncle, whom I love so much and will always do since without him there wouldn’t be an existence of 4th law of Motion or Motions as I rephrased it.


I love Newton.

I love Newton’s 3 laws.

I love the fact that they gave me an opportunity to write a 4th one.

I love the 4th law too (But I am still not quite sure if he or others would be on the same page here ;p . Though the law is tried and tested and really gives instant results 😉

Newton's 4th Law

Newton's 4th Law of Motion

Newton’s Fourth Law of Motion: “When you got Motions; Just go see the doc and get the Shots!!”

Hmm…So if you got Motions, don’t sit around and look at the apple, don’t eat one in any case, don’t even think of letting it fall on your head. Just do what Newton asked you to do in the image above. Oops!! Well , I know uncle Newton will forgive me.

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

P.S. For those who assume there exists no light hearted side in my write ups

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2 Responses to “I love Newton! I love Newton’s Law of Motions!!”

  1. sheen Says:

    Its really gud 1.
    bt i hav a little doubt,should it b the 4th law of motion?
    law after 4 motions ???

    coz u see,jst having 1,2,3 motions is nt toooooooooo much 2 see a doc & get shots 🙂

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