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Dried Leaves Blown With the Wind [ Urdu Sad Poetry ] December 1, 2009

Khushk Pattay [Dried Leaves]

Khushk pattoun ki tarah, meri arzoain urh gayeen
Jahan say chali theen, waheen akay ruk gayeen

Mein samajti thi, in pattoun mein kitna urooj hai
Huwa thumi, haqeeqat khuli, k yeh urhna baysoud hai
Urhtay urhtay badaloun pur mehloun tak puhunch gayay
Lamhay bhur mein yeh mahal bhi roee mein badal gayay
Jis taraf ley chalay, us taraf ko chul diyay
Oper jo gayay thay, ab barishoun say dhul gayay
Gonjti huyee bijliyan jo ik lumhay ko thum gayeen
Tou yeh rida orh kur qadam inke jum gayay
Is chamak say ankh bund, jo zara deyr ko ho gayee
Khouf say chehra bhura, hashar say deyhul gayay
Sahum sahum k ghomtay, gardishoun mein jhoumtay
Mayousian lipat gayeen, kafan mein simatt gayay
Akhir kar, yeh zamee pur charoun or bikhur gayay
Uthanay jo agay burhay, phir hath say nikal parhay
Jhonkay jo takraye tou, Khushk kur k chul diyay
Qudmoun k sung sung, thori dour hil parhay
Tez huwa k shour mein, yeh pur katay uth parhay
Safar k ikhtatam pur, phir apnay ghar ah basay
Neelgoun asmaa pur taray jub jugmaga uthay
Tou is roshni k rastay, wo apna dur khatkhata sakay
Apnay ghur k rastay, apnay ghur ko ah chukay
Awaz jo dub gayee, dil phurphurha uthay
Jahan say chalay thay, Waheen wapis ah basay
Ibtada ko ikhtitam say yeh deewanay mila chukay
Meri arzooun ki tarah Khushk pattay bikhur gayay
Jahan say chalay thay waheen akur ruk gayay
Khushk pattoun ki tarah, meri arzoain urh gayeen
Jahan say chali theen, waheen akay ruk gayeen

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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خشک پتّے

خشک پتّوں کی طرح میری آرزویئں ا ُُڑ گیئں
جہاں سے چلی تھیں وھیں آکے ر ُک گیئں
میں سمجھی تھی اِن پتّوں میں کتنا عروج ھے
ھوا تھمی ، حقیقت کھلی کہ یہ ا ُڑنا بےسود ھے
ا ُڑتے ا ُڑتے بادلوں پر محلوں تک پہنچ گئے
لمحے بھر میں یہ محل بھی روئ میں بدل گئے
جس طرف لے چلے ، ا ُس طرف کو چل دیے
اوپر جو گئے تھے اب بارشوں سے د ُھل گئے
گُونجتی ھوئ بجلیاں جو اِک لمحے کو تھم گیئں
تو یہ ردھا ا ُوڑھ کر قدم اِن کے جم گئے
اِس چمک سے آنکھ بند ، جو ذرا دیر کو ھوگئ
خوف سے چہرہ بھرا ، حشر سے دھل گئے
سہم سہم کر گھومتے ، گردشوں میں جھومتے
مایوسیاں لپٹ گیئں ، کفن میں سمٹ گئے
آخرکار ، یہ زمیں پر چاروں ا ُور بکھر گئے
ا ُتھانے جو آگے بڑھے ، پھر ہاتھ سے نکل پڑے
جھونکے جو ٹکرائے تو ، خشک کر کے چل دیے
قدموں کے سنگ سنگ تھوڑی دور ھِل پڑے
تیز ھوا کہ شور میں یہ پر کٹے ا ُتھ پڑے
سفر کے اختتام پر پھر اپنے گھر آبسے
نیلگوں آسماں پر تارے جب جگمگا ا ُٹھے
تو اِس روشنی کے راستے ، وہ اپنا در کٹھکٹھا سکے
اپنے گھر کے راستے ، اپنے گھر کو آچکے
آواز جو دب گئ ، دل پھڑپھڑا ا ُٹھے
جہاں سے چلے تھے وہیں واپس آبسے
ابتدا کو اختتام سے یہ دیوانے ملا چکے
میری آرزوؤں کی طرح خشک پتّے بکھر گئے
جہاں سے چلے تھے وھیں آکر رُ ک گئے
خشک پتّوں کی طرح میری آرزویئں ا ُُڑ گیئں
جہاں سے چلی تھیں وھاں آکے ر ُک گیئں


18 Responses to “Dried Leaves Blown With the Wind [ Urdu Sad Poetry ]”

  1. KK Says:

    very nice. but very long :-/

  2. Akram Shafee Says:

    very nice poetry …
    touching hearts,,,,,

  3. Atta Says:

    Agreed! seems long in the middle but betraying amazingly how long and eventful the journey of wishes was, bringing you back to where you started. Really you wont be alone this time It is that serious insight into life which will accompany you now.

    • zhahmed Says:

      It just wrote this one in one go..I just put down whatever came to mind without stopping myself..Perhaps, that’s why it might seem a bit out of tune since I didn’t edit it or want to edit it. It is a journey of exploration and discovery of my own self. It would be great if I get some insight from others on what I write. I mean what it means to them…..How do they see it ?

  4. sheen Says:


    bt i dont think k aarzoo kabhi apnay muqam pe wapis aati hai,its either a step ahead or a step backward.

    hope u get it…..

    • zhahmed Says:

      I understand what you are pointing at. Besides, when a moment passes on, world is never the same. It has changed and you cant be at the same place where you were a moment ago. you have learnt smthg, you have changed……This poem is like 9 years old or so …All I remember that I just wrote it in one go. Maybe then I felt something which I cant really remember (specifically) anymore but I guess the point was that wishes didn’t come true and the whole story of the dried leaves returning back to their original place after the whole flight just depicts the fact that it didn’t come true and maybe the wisher felt that he/she , after all that time, was still standing at the original place. Stuck, stagnant !!

  5. bAbA Satti Says:

    app tu porri ki poorri shair nikllli janab bohat kamaal likhty hain aappp

  6. Little Bashir Says:

    Nice, but u need to edit some points,
    1. Pehlay shair ka wazn kam hai, khaskar doorah misrah
    2. Tou yeh rida orh kur qadam inke jum gayay, seems out of flow….

    Sorry, but it seem your good poet, and my suggestion may help you. Other than above two there are few more…

    laiken chalain phir kabhi sahi

    L Bashir

    • zhahmed Says:

      You don’t have to apologize. If something is public, it is open to criticism which makes one learn and grow. Just to point out the fact that I am not an aspiring poet or anything. My reason is different. I rarely edit stuff that I write.
      But I appreciate your feedback. For the first line, I think you feel it because of the word “arzouain”? What or How do you think I can improve those lines and all the other suggestions are very welcomed ;}

      • Little Bashir Says:

        mainay soocha hasas shairi hai, shaira bhi hasas dil ki malik ho sakti hai… aaisa na ho kah kuch narawah LAgay aur hamein patah bhi na chalay..

        Another reason, most of the time critiques are not appreciated open heartedly. Rasm – e – Dunya bhi hai ghalti nikalna…

        Khair,… It is good that you don’t change things after you complete them but it will be better to review them…
        Your Ideas are good, but it seems they are written and either not reviewed or you haven’t outspoken loudly in rhythm (Laaahh mein, koi bahar nahi baith rahi)

        L Bashir

        • zhahmed Says:

          Well, I don’t have anyone to edit them for me so I guess till I find someone , you got to bear or either suggest smthg ;] Anyways, more important is the fact of discussing how you Understand the writing, to discuss , share and exchange ideas…not the writing itself!!

  7. Little Bashir Says:

    Ahan,… bhai hum tu yeh sooch ker baat ker rahay thay
    Dil cheer deta hai ye lehjey ka rookha pan
    Karti hai jo zubaan wo teer nahi karte

    I hope one day you will find the one who can interpret it in accordance to what is said.
    My perceptions about this poem, many times we consider that we are have returned to the point where we started. there is an anxiety/hopeless sign. Issi baat ko Shevan Rizvi kehatay hain
    Lay aay phir kahan par dunya hamein kahan se
    Yeh tu wohi jagah hai guzray thay hum jahan se

    After reading your reply to sheen, that Qissah – e – Pareenah hoi Dastan… tu iss shairi ka sayaq – o – sabaq jana nahi jaa saktay.

    Keep sharing
    L Bashir

  8. Little Bashir Says:

    My apology, I was in hurry and didn’t review my text.

    L Bashir

  9. Behzad Says:

    For little bashir…
    In 7th comment, shair i think k
    le aae phr kahan pr, qismat hmen kahan se
    ye to whi jaga gy, guzre the hm jahan se

  10. Behzad Says:

    for Huma….

    when i read it, i felt myself in a place where m gona shatter n break myself with the falling leaves…
    Khushk pattun ki trah log ure jate hn
    ab to ye shehr b lgta hy mje jangal ki trah
    rat phaili hy tere surmai anchal ki trah
    chand nikla hy tje dhoond k badal ki trah

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