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Pa Liya Ya Kho Gayay November 7, 2009

Creative Credits To:استعفٰی

پا لیا یا کھو گئے؟

کوئی پرواہ نہیں ضمیر جو ھمارے سو گئے
ھم اس آغوش سے نکلے اور بے آغوش ھو گئے
سوچا نہیں مٹی میں ملنا ھے مٹی نے
فلک بوس ھونے کی حرص میں مدہوش ھو گئے
پا لیا کیا دنیا کو تم نے اس طرح
جو ضمیر کو بیچ کر تم بیہوش ھو گئے
کوئی پرواہ نہیں ضمیر جو ھمارے سو گئے
سب کچھ پانے کی دھن میں ھم سب کو کھو گئے

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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Pa Liyay Ya Kho Gayay?

Koi purwa nahi jo Zameer humaray so gayay
Hum is aghosh say niklay or bay aghosh ho gayay
Socha nahi mitti mein milna hai mitti nai
falak bous honay ki hirs mein mudhoush ho gayay
pa liya kya Duniya ko tum ney is tarah
Jo Zameer ko bech kur bay hosh ho gayay
koi purwa nahi Zameer jo humaray so gayay
Sub kuch panay ki dhun mein hum Sub kuch kho gayay


11 Responses to “Pa Liya Ya Kho Gayay”

  1. KK Says:

    wow.. incredible… truly fits on almost everyone…

  2. J. D. Kalvin Says:

    hey, how did you get those links to work at the bottom?

    the “Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon..”

  3. Mish Says:

    A bitter reality………beautifully stated

    • zhahmed Says:

      We keep in blaming others where the fault lies within us. We are so terribly ignorant of ourselves, so fake. The best game that our politicians can play is The Fake Game!!! Just yesterday, so many more people died. Oh!! But that was a plot. We had nothing to do with it, right? sigh!!!

  4. Atta Says:

    Well jut saw your comment @ the top, It says “Full of contradictions”, I may disagree, I see complete consensus and harmony in the philosophy you propound and personal doctrine you follow. In my view ‘Life Path’ is blurred in the fogs of confused reality and sometimes it makes me wonder what really the truth is, in its truest substance and how can one define its parameters?

    • zhahmed Says:

      Well if you saw any clarity in my expression, I would love to know about that for sure. I don’t think there are many Absolute Truths, especially regarding Life Paths. and Without a Divine connection, I am not sure if we can find any that are Absolute. Most of the stuff we discover regarding individual life paths is only relative to our own understanding.

      • Atta Says:

        Clarity that you ‘don’t think there are many Absolute Truths’, clarity that ‘Without a Divine connection’ ‘not sure if we can find any’ truths ‘that are Absolute’. I never wandered along the seams, The towering boundaries between the territories of black and white were obvious from hundreds of miles away.

        • zhahmed Says:

          Well, I never thought about that really until you pointed out that its clarity ;] Thanks for pointing out the fact. Much important new dimension that you opened for my lines of thought ;] Keep pointing!!

  5. sheen Says:

    Gud effort !!!
    bit differnt subject 4om ur regular theme.

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