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4 Leafy Lucky Clover – BedSheet II October 3, 2009

A 4 leafed clover design painted on a cotton bed sheet …… The pattern was too Irish and google says that according to the Irish superstition, the 4th leaf is added for LUCK!! I am lucky too !! I came across this pretty design which seemed quite nice and interesting to paint without lingering any superstitious associations in the paint.

4 Leafy Lucky Clover

4 Leafy Lucky Clover

Four leafed Lucky Clover

Four leafed Lucky Clover

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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2 Responses to “4 Leafy Lucky Clover – BedSheet II”

  1. sheen Says:

    Very Very Very Beautiful!!!
    its so perfect,that it seems as if its done by a professional.

    so after all these praises,guess u should gift it to me,ha ha ha.

    (anywaz,i already consider myslf giftd,2 hav a multi-talentd friend lik u… )

  2. KK Says:


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