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Wild Mystical Ray September 29, 2009

Wild Mystical ….Ray

A little wild ray of light
Outstretches its feet to reach
From the violet forests where stars still sleep
Lifts her long veils as it touches with its glow
I look as white and beautiful as snow
The stars far are melting away
Ruffled water lilies rustling their wings
Crystal pearls springing in the moss
To welcome the morning breeze
A pink sphere matching; Oh flower-flesh!
Arrives with its coolness; to dawn upon the earthly beings

A little wild ray of light
Outstretches its feet to reach
Beguiling and Enthralling; Always in endless flight
Mounts in my soul so simply without revealing
Like magically paving ways that never before existed
Draws me within as it delves deep inside
So Solitary and Subtle, with invisible Pace
Full of Solace and infinite Grace
The rivers let me sail, and distance from the time
Till scented twilight falls upon the pearl skies
Droppings of indigo entrancing in delight
Dances away the yellow to make it more bleak
A wild ray of light still sparks till I seek

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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8 Responses to “Wild Mystical Ray”

  1. sheen Says:

    Its beautifully writtn & every tiny aspect mentioned.
    The best one is;
    A wild ray of light still sparks,till i seek.

    bt i think,it could hav been;
    A wild ray of light still sparks,EVEN IF I DONT SEEK.

    coz,its we who search for spark or nt,as nature almost always leaves a WILD ray for us,to turn it into a more productive form as per our need.

    • zhahmed Says:

      hmm…thats also right…well maybe, hehe but as you said: “coz,its we who search for spark.” You just interchanged the words. I use Seek instead of Spark. The spark is always there, True but the Spark only Sparks when you SEEK for it. If you don’t Seek or search for it, it will lie latent!!

      The idea here is that I have seen the wild ray…so that’s why its sparks until I want it to, till I want to learn and travel with it….what do you say?

  2. zhahmed Says:

    The Wild Mystical Ray ;] Love to be that myself

  3. Qaher Says:

    The Best one yet !!!

  4. KK Says:

    it sparks only for those who seek it. it is always there for those who look for it…. anyways… its a huge thingy. lots of exceptions and switch conditions…

    need i say its another awesome thingy by you. so creative. so deep imagination of it you actually felt it right from the origin of it… i like the name though… its full of energy… wild mystical ray…!! interesting…

  5. samiya sayyed Says:

    please explain me the real meaning of ……………..i can’t understand….

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