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[Hawa Thami Thi Zaroor Lekin]-ھوا تھمی تھی ضرور لیکن September 9, 2009

Creative Credits To: Hawa Thami Thi Zaroor Lekin

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A peom by Saeed Ehsan

A peom by Saeed Ehsan


ھوا تھمی تھی ضرور لیکن

ھوا تھمے یا نہ تھمے

اپنی آرزؤں کو سمبھال دو

لفافے میں بند کر کےانہیں

آسمان کی جانب اچھال دو

کہیں تو رستہ یہ ڈھونڈ لیں گی

یہ ڈر ذہن سے نکال دو

لوٹ کر واپس جو گر پڑیں

تو خوس قسمتی کی اپنی مثال دو

کے صبر کا بدلہ مل سکے گا

جو اس سے پرچہ سنوار دو

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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Hawa Thami Thi Zaroor Lekin

Huwa thamay ya na thamay
Apni arzuoun ko sambhal do
Lifafay mein bund kar kay inhein
Asmaan ki janib uchal do
Kahin tu rusta yeh dhoond lein gi
Yeh durh zahan say nikal do
Lout kur wapis jo gir parheein
Tu khus qismati ki apni misaal do
Kay sabar ka budla mil sakay ga
Jo is say purcha sanwar do


8 Responses to “[Hawa Thami Thi Zaroor Lekin]-ھوا تھمی تھی ضرور لیکن”

  1. sheen Says:

    Quite optimistic poem,gud effort.

    bt cant gt the last line,”jo is say purcha sanwar do”.wat is it?

  2. KK Says:

    Nice reply. and i have read this reply already. but where? :-/

    • zhahmed Says:

      Yup you have read it…I found it on Facebook by Saeed Ehsan and was taken over completely by its beauty. I was going to put the link to FB but then I thought that people who aren’t in the friends list or friends of friends wouldn’t be able to see it. I guess I was right as I have never put the theory to test ;]

  3. Mish Says:

    Yar arzoo ko lafafey main wrap up kyun karna hai. Let it fly free in air. Baqi end tu zabardast hai laikin hum es parchey k liye bother hi nahi karna chatey. So atleast this poem pins down n make us think for some moments atleast abt tht parcha

    • zhahmed Says:

      Wrapping up and pushing them towards the sky actually means to let them FREE but with a focus. Aimless flight even if FREE always keeps disturbing like unfinished business that lingers at the back of the mind but if you consciously let go something with a clear decision, it would definitely bring satisfaction.

  4. saeedses Says:

    Thanks for liking it.


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