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Freedom [Azaadi] – آزادی August 23, 2009

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ہاتھ پکڑ کر یاد مجھے
خود کو دنیا کرانے دو
چھید ِِستم، جو لوگ کریں تو
اس ناؤ کو ڈوب جانے دو
ان شمعوں کی محفل میں
اس شمع کو جل جانے دو
گھٹا کے ناراض آنچل میں
اس موتی کو بند جانے دو
سفر ِ ماضی پے قفل لگا کے
آزاد سفر پے جانے دو
ان رنگوں میں لبریز لڑکی کو
پھر اک رنگ ھو جانے دو
ان نینوں کے پنکھ تلے
اس ھما کو ، اب ا ُڑ جانے دو

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

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Haath pakarh kur yaad mujhey
Khud ko duniya Karanay doe
Chaid-e-sitam jo loug karein tou
Is nao ko dhoub jaanay doe
In shummoun ki mahfil may
Is shumma ko jal jaanay doe
Ghata kay naraaz Anchul mein
Is moti ko, bund jaanay doe
Safr-e-Mazi pay qafl laga kay
Azaad Safar Pay Jaanay doe
In rungoun mein lubraiz larki ko
Phir Ik rung ho janay doe
In nainooun kay punkh talay
Is Huma ko, ab urh jaanay doe


11 Responses to “Freedom [Azaadi] – آزادی”

  1. KK Says:

    ‘In nainooun kay punkh talay
    Is Huma ko, ab urh jaanay doe’
    wah wah… but first two lines of the poem do not seem to fit in i guess…?

  2. zhahmed Says:

    The poem starts with melancholy but tosses the coin upside down to see the lighter side…..and its not the first 2 lines , the first 8-10 lines that have the sad under tones…

    • KK Says:

      well its your poem.. but i think i will kinda disagree with you.. except for the first 2 lines.. all the other lines point to the same thing.. the same meaning…the result of it… they have something common…
      and i am sure you flip the coin quite often in your poems… 😉

  3. sheen Says:

    love it.

    u know i always wanna fly freely & this poem says it all.

    the best line is,
    ”azaad safar pay jaanay doe”

  4. Mish Says:

    a journey towards hope always free u from shackles in one way or another so bohat ala.

  5. madiha Says:

    wat is the meaning of chaid – e – sitam and shummoun?

  6. madiha Says:

    i love this poem

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