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Busy As Hell, Are you? July 8, 2009

Sometimes one is struck by wild thoughts that are strange and baffling.  And the Why, How, When, Who and Where questions can actually drive one crazy. Reminding myself of how busy I have been, I realised using “Busy as Hell”  repeatedly.  This made me instantly break my conversation with myself to dwell on the source and origin of this term.

Who must have invented this term and Why? Just replacing the word Hell with Heaven can make the term more positive so why the idea of creating a term “Busy as Hell” superseded “Busy as Heaven”. Hmmm…..It’s funny to suggest here the tiny possiblity that the inventor might have believed Hell to be a more crowded place with more work than Heaven ;]

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed


5 Responses to “Busy As Hell, Are you?”

  1. sheen Says:

    I totally agree with ur tiny possibility.

    Lot of sufferings hav to b borne in the hell,whereas in heaven its complete relaxation.

    so the immense work pressure which mounts to suffering is quite related to hell & hence as busy as hell.

  2. annie Says:

    u r absalutly wrigh. we r so busy in the life of this world that we never thought about the life after this world. while this world is contamtore and that world is forever.

  3. benleeman Says:

    Just as wll we know that hell. like heaven do not physically exist – only in some people’s mind.

    All we have is this life on this earth. What is for certain is climate change, and if we are serious about life on earth for all, then we could consider how sustainable is our lifestyle.

    “Busy like Earth!”

    Ben, Melbourne, Australia

    • zhahmed Says:

      Well, everyone has their viewpoint. We believe it Exists, for now in our HEAD though ;] All We have is ONE LIFE but it is a temporary transition into an ETERNAL LIFE. But Life on Earth is Busy for sure, lol so maybe we should try coin that new term anyways, Busy As Earth!!

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