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Food For Thought – One Liner (5) June 20, 2009

“Education didn’t teach me anything; I taught myself education!!”

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

Education didnt teach me anything;I taught myself education!!E


7 Responses to “Food For Thought – One Liner (5)”

  1. sheen Says:

    hey dear i think it could be modified a bit.

    i agree education doesnt teach everything,bt it does teach us something.

    v r taught that GOD helps those,who help themselves & u followed this golden rule.

    so u see,education taught u hw to teach urself.

    • zhahmed Says:

      Well, I was thinking on the practical aspect of education actually…I would agree to what you said. coz we did learn stuff at school, atleast how to read and write, hahaa..But beyond that, it wasn’t really a lot, esp. the sort of pattern our schools follow, just to load you like a beast of burden to make your brain numb and useless. I personally found it so hard to study. I had to motivate myself so much to do the very boring studies (most of what we were taught was entirely useless and boring). The quote you mentioned above, well I wouldn’t say I learnt it from school. As there are so many things I by hearted at school just what like you said above, but in the end I never really REALIZED their meaning. As if those words never touched my soul.

      Also That’s the notion in most of our parent’s head when ever we have an argument with them about what treasure we should hunt at school, I am sure most of you agree with me on this one. Kya seekha hai education say, kya kia hai school mein. What I couldn’t understand was: Did school teach us anything in the real sense as to how to live our lives in this world, how to survive, how to adjust.
      A lot of stuff that we need to survive is actually self taught so I believe that I taught myself the real education. I did my own observation, my own analysis and my own research and development hence, I taught myself education more than the conventional, stereotypical education taught me 🙂

      • KK Says:

        Well yeah i agree with you totally. but still what you learn is a mix of your abilities that you are blessed with + your environment you are brought up in + plus still a bit of school i.e. discipline, punctuality and a bit of guidance to polish your personality – you can try to educate yourself in future 🙂 and like that.

      • KK Says:

        but this line fits on me too 😀

        • zhahmed Says:

          It fits on most of the ppl. Just this other day, this young gal came up to me and asked me this question. I totally agreed with what she had to say. Infact, I should have referred her to this post ;]

  2. R/Z Says:

    I do believe that I taught myself education but education did teach me to think of outside the box… huh huh???

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