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Food For Thought – One Liner (1) June 10, 2009

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“Be positive to see positive”

[B+ to C+]

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed


8 Responses to “Food For Thought – One Liner (1)”

  1. zhahmed Says:

    How lucky are all those people with B+ blood group, lol

  2. sheen Says:

    very true !
    bt at times when a person is sinking in a whirpool of negativity,hw to avoid being negative???
    coz all dont hav a sweet heart lik u 🙂

    • zhahmed Says:

      Tough Question. Not so tough though But You know Easier Said Than Done. However, One Philosophy…

      “You cannot blame anyone or anything in this life except yourself.”

      So when you reach the end and find yourself unpeaceful, dissatisfied and regretful, there would be only ONE person to blame. If you can’t imagine that happening, then I am sure Positivity is going to Pop In automatically.
      If you can’t take one path to reach your destination, then Try finding another and another and another, till you have one that fits.

      Never Stop Believing In Yourself for Remember Others Believe in You. Atleast I DO!!

      Never believe That Life is Over, for if it was You wouldn’t be Breathing the Air, Getting Magically Touched By Allah’s Creations – The Ones HE Created & the Ones HIS Creations Create ;]
      p.s. I have a GOOD heart only bcoz you have a GREAT heart to think and feel good about me. C how Positive you are…so Cheer up pal….

      • KK Says:

        Positivity doesn’t pop in automatically unless it was destined to happen – don’t start another fate topic here – to give one some hope. and if one can’t imagine blaming oneself then that person is naturally blessed – not sane enough to realize that and many sane ones don’t do so coz its natural 🙂 – except the exceptions. oboy! i love exceptions!

        but apart from above – positivity is hidden inside of you actually – you just need to find it – by practicing it. practice what? by thinking and killing the negative thoughts by thinking something positive, dig deeper to find the cause, put yourself in everyones shoes and all such psychological tips – but the one thing that can give you all that is bring your self near to Allah 🙂 you will find the peace, and maturity and guidance – the best one.

        if you still can’t then develop patience 😀 – the whole new treatment 😛

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