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Friends June 8, 2009

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Friends  are like butterflies

That you can’t touch

That you can’t hold

That you shouldn’t mold

You have to give them freedom and space

They are no things of your possessive craze

They add color to your life

And indicated springs arrive

They lift you when you are low

They show you how to grow

From a humble beginning

To a high praised rainbow

These flutterflies are flawless

With energy boundless

Their gaudiness you feel

With their powers you can heal

Their beautiful aura extended

You can’t help entering their world – splendid

Soon you ask why you are together

The obscure picture clears more than ever

You compliment “it” as does the other

Peeping in her eyes, you meet someone like her

You inquire about the angel with wings

Whom she calls her companion and confidant

She respects her, let her fly

And experience the world with her eye

Yet at the end, they mutually share

Distinct views on things they care

For something evolves in time

And ripen friendship indicates their prime

There is a presence in my eyes too

As I fill hers, so does she mine

We reflect when we look at each other

Through the eyes we enter the worlds together

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

A naive, modest poem about friendship; written long ago and dedicated to Sheen…………………..


10 Responses to “Friends”

  1. KK Says:

    Woah! this is one good poem! loved it

  2. KK Says:

    Creativity! really wonderful

  3. nomi Says:

    this is awesome.. very well done… I love it that you are soo creative.. you should publish more of these..

    the only line that i didnt understand was..
    As I fill hers, so does she mine

    • zhahmed Says:

      Well, actually its a continuation of the previous line. As I fill her eyes, so does she mine. Literally, it means that when you look into someone’s eyes, you see your reflection in their pupil and vice versa. On a deeper note, well friends are like minded to different extents so when they look at each other, they reflect back their own self as their personalities are similar!!!!

  4. me Says:

    i’ve reviewed it critically, becas its poet deserves criticism 😛
    Well i think friend is not a significant showpiece which u can’t touch or hold, a true friend is like very common thing for you, which is reachable at every moment when u need him.

  5. sheen Says:

    simple yet truly touching.
    love it so much.
    wanted to thank u,bt it seemed toooo small.
    actually hav no words that can describe my feelings exactly.
    as i m toooooo much touched,feel on top of this world, & extremely happy.

    lov u…

    • zhahmed Says:

      Your thanx comes by way of feeling on the top of the world right now. Just dont jump over, lol. Its not necessary to To use the normal Senses. Some things should just be left to the Sixth Sense, hahaa

  6. behzad Says:

    Innocence is the most precious thing one could ever have. After going through this poem, I came to know that huma has been blessed with innocence. Nice poem. Keep it up and thanks for tagging me.

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