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Pearls June 7, 2009

(Pearls) موتی

خوبصورتی کے رنگوں میں پروئے موتی
جھلک کر گر چکے ھیں آسماں سے
ھم نے دامن پھیلا کر آگے
بھر لیا اِسے اِن نہ آشناؤں سے
پھر پیار کے دھاگے میں پرونے کے بعد
کامل کیا گلے سے لگا کر، جو نہ مکمل تھے
ذرا سا جھٹکنے سے ھی یہ دلفریب
تمام حدوں کو پار کر گئے
کہا تھا کہ کل آرزو کے در پہ
سجائیں گے یہ نایاب موتی
ھوگئے فاصلے بہت دور مگر
جب گِر کر بکھر پڑے یہ بدنصیب موتی
اب ھم اِن کی تلاش کیا کریں
بدگمان کر چکے ھیں یہ بےوجود موتی

جملہ حقوق محفوظ ہیں

12 Responses to “Pearls”

  1. R/Z Says:

    I believe that this poem was about tears.. i hope im right…. am i?

    • zhahmed Says:

      Well, you could do Better, hahaa…Its like I scratched that voucher I got at the Super market and it read as usual: “Thank-you!! Please Try Again!!”

  2. sheen Says:

    the underlying meaning is as deep as the pearl itself !!!

    & i m nt a diver,so….

    dont know y,bt want 2 associate it with the most talked,bt least understood emotion- love.

  3. zhahmed Says:

    The beauty of a writing is not in its good use of language, choice of subject, linking of ideas or even portraying them under a new light or perspective. It is to see what people can make out of it and how they can relate to it. From a single source, arise different destinations, each beautiful in itself.
    Nothing is more fulfilling then just bringing out all those perspectives that reflection grants & the true,vibrant colors of some-one’s personality; all assimilating and converging at one focal point. Just magnificent!!

  4. Asad Khan Says:

    I believe that this poem was about tears.. i hope im right…. am i?

  5. MOin Says:

    You got some real skills there.. i am totally impressed 🙂

  6. lubna khan Says:

    wah Huma buhat deep he i like it …. jahan tak mein samjhi hoon ….is kamood wo ye he . k … hum jin rishtoon ki jin logon ko apni life sab se qeemti mante hen … ager… wo dill se utar jaen tou phir apni kadaro qeemqt kho dete hen…… Huma want to know wat is ur comment … b coz her koi apni samajh ke mutabik hi poetry ko samjhta he …

    • zhahmed Says:

      Yes lubna…u r right on spot..I wrote it with a different perspective though..mager real Essence is the one that you picked up… ;}
      Perhaps I should write a small description of what it meant when I wrote it… ;] Small one only..Promise, lol

  7. Aameer Mian Says:

    Really its touch to my heart,so simple,so sweet thoughts.

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