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Kamal – E- Zaat June 3, 2009

کمالِ ذات

جھلس کر ھی طاقت ملتی ھے آواز کو

جل کر تپتے سورج میں،جاں ملتی ھے پرواز کو

قطرے جو بساط نہیں رکھتے، کھو جاتے ھیں ریت میں

جزبِ باھم بھی ھو مگر ، کاوشِ ِ واحد سے ھی کامرانی

ملتی ھے بارات کو

بےثباتی میں رواں زندگی کے ساتھ کو

فنا ھو کر ھی، ثبات ملتی ھے ذات کو


9 Responses to “Kamal – E- Zaat”

  1. HR Says:

    What's the Urdu Translation of Kamal-e-Zaat?

  2. sheen Says:

    perfection is hardly ever achieved & if so its not with ease !!!

  3. Mahwish Says:

    Kamal -e- zaat is undoubtedly fana and that fana is nothing but fana-fi-Allah. This is the fana that takes you to Baqa

  4. Infinity Says:

    Can anybody explain this???

  5. lubna khan Says:

    this Kama-e-Zat is encouraging our inner passion to achieve our real goals of life, that u shouldn’t look at the worst side or wat we lose. just look at the end when u will get marvelous results that can never be changed..

  6. Bliss Says:

    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

  7. Bliss Says:

    Meri zindagi tujhe kya mila
    Meri zaat se’mere naam se
    Main to khud sarapa sawal hun
    Jise intezar jawab ka
    Koi band jese katab ho
    Barhi bekarari se souchti
    Kabhi age ise parhe koi
    Mere wark wark ko pyar de
    Mujhe harf harf karar de
    Meri khwishon ka har aik rang udas hay
    Inhein choo ke koi ojal de
    Inhein lutf main koi dhal de
    Meri zaat ko koi naam de!

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