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The Seed that Never Really Grew!! May 7, 2009

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Standing at the kitchen window, I looked out to see a neatly mowed front lawn with lush, green grass and an array of pleasingly colored flower beds. The surroundings were marked with the sweet fragrance and vivid colors of the flora. Their faces gleamed under the glorious morning rays, blessed with the heavenly water that kissed their cheeks to their heart’s content.

The sun was coming up, signifying a brand new day full of work. The fluttering butterflies, the crawling insects and the chirping birds mesmerized me. Indulged in this magical display, I shifted my gaze to the interior of my kitchen. Everything was spotless as I had left it the previous night. The electric kettle sat at the side of the counter, clean and ready to boil the filled water, the clean utensils hung quietly by its side. I moved my eyes around to check if everything was perfect. The tap was tightly closed, the cooking range was speckless, the cloth hanged neatly from the oven handle and everything else was nicely tucked in the cabinets.

Scanning around slowly, I noticed a tiny seed lying quietly in the sink. How could it have gone un-noticed? I picked it up and opened the cabinet below to throw it in the dustbin; only to be stopped suddenly by a racing thought. Looking at the brown seed so aesthetically placed on the palm of my hand, I thought if it was meant to be discovered by me. Maybe I could grow some life out of it, I said to myself. Holding it tight in my hand, I scanned around the front lawn to find a suitable place to plant it. My imagination overwhelmed me and I could already see a dainty, young plant before my eyes.

Still in my night suit and sleepers, I hurried outside and stopped at a spot exactly opposite to my kitchen window. The place was ideal. I shoveled a little with my hand and nicely tucked the seed under the earth. Then I rushed to fetch the sprinkler and watered a little bit.

Every day I religiously watered the area, shoveling the earth a bit to make room for the drops to glide by. Searching for some signs of life to pop out, I knew it would take some time for the seed to grow. As I stood at the sink washing my dishes daily, I would look out to see if there was any progress. Then I would just say to myself that I should give it some more time. Maybe it is a slow grower. The idea of a young bush with beautiful green leaves, full of color and vivacity made me feel ecstatic.

Sitting on the kitchen table facing the glass window and sipping at a warm cup of tea at each afternoon, I wondered about the life that must be trying to grow out of the tiny seed I planted.

Day after day passed but there were no signs of life. The summer had just set in with plenty of sunshine around. For six weeks, I diligently sprinkled the earth yet it reaped no rewards to soothe my eyes in the hot sunny days to come.

The realization hit me like a bolt of lightning that the time might not be right. The spring had gone by to let the summer in and maybe the scorching heat had made it impossible for the seed to grow even with the constant nurturing. Or perhaps the seed wasn’t going to grow at all.

With millions of questions colliding like water molecules in the glass of my shaky hand and my dreams shattering down, I couldn’t arrive at a single answer. After a week of continuous turmoil and thought provoking meditation, I made peace with myself by settling at the fact that the seed was never really meant to grow.

This was a rare exception but like everything else this seed did have a divine purpose. Although my eyes did not find the solace at the end of the whole process, but my heart and soul had revamped something very intricate and delightful. The gift the seed brought me was in the form of connection to the Divine source. Realizing that no matter how much effort you put in creating the best possible environment for something to happen, the existence cannot be created unless it is destined to be.

Settled at this new discovery for the time being, I thought to move on with my life holding the whole experience back in my memory to retrace and waiting excitedly for a prospect to sow again once the time was right. The seed that never really grew actually did after all, in ways unexpected and served its purpose well. It did open many seedless avenues flourishing itself into an immortal being. Indeed the seed was truly not meant to grow!!

by Zuellah Huma Ahmed


2 Responses to “The Seed that Never Really Grew!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A harsh reality well woven into a lovely story.
    i think the seed never grew but bore fruit,as it taught an important & vital lesson of life.

    the best part is getting optimism 4om nt a very successful try.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well. the story kept me going. To come to think of it everything has a purpose. its just we don’t see it this way… the other thing the story tells is never loose hope! it will come in one way or the other! just hope for the best.

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